Emergency Information

To contact an LTRC Snow Club Board Member on the mountain during the ski trips:

Check the calendar to establish which mountain we are visiting.

Ski Liberty - 717-642-8282 x 3377
Ski Roundtop - 717-432-9631 x 3728
Whitetail Resort - 717-328-9400 x 3305

Cell phone reception at all three areas is limited. LTRC Snow Club Board Members carry police radios and one is always left with Ski Patrol at the First Aid office. When you call one of the extensions listed above, you are talking with a dispatcher in the First Aid room.  Simply state that there is an LTRC Snow Club radio that they can use to communicate with our staff.

If there is an injury, one of the LTRC Board Members will accompany the injured student to the hospital. However, we do expect parents to arrive at the hospital for their child as soon as possible that night. 

If your child is transported to an area hospital, these are the hospitals used by each area:

Ski Liberty

Gettysburg Hospital 
Carroll Hospital 

Ski Roundtop

York Hospital 
Harrisburg Hospital

Whitetail Resort

Washington County Hospital 
301- 790-8000