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General Info

Night Club Cards

Where can I pick up my Night Club Card?

Night Club Cards can be picked up at our New Members Meeting on the first Monday in December from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. After that, Night Club Cards can be picked up at Princeton Sports. Only the Night Club Cards for which we received a signed waiver and have a picture (either on file or provided by new members) prior to December 1st are at Princeton Sports. The address is 6239 Falls Rd, Baltimore, MD 21209. Any cards not picked up by January 1st will be available for students on the first Snow Club trip.

When can I use my Night Club Card?

You can use your Night Club Card any day of the week above and beyond the bus trips. Cards are valid from 4:00 pm to close Monday through Saturday and 3:00 pm to close on Sundays.

What do I do if I lose or forget my Night Club Card?

If students lose or forget their Night Club Card, they should see a board member to get a one-time free pass to the resort. If the Night Club Card cannot be found or the student forgets it a second time, there is a $25 fee to replace the card.


Where do students meet the buses to go to the resorts?

All buses will load in the Charmuth parking lot of Ridgley Middle School, which is near the tennis and basketball courts.

Do we have assigned seating on the buses?

There is no assigned seating on the bus but you MUST ride the same bus back as you did on the way up. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE, so be sure to sit with your friends if you so desire. Students may ride a different bus from week to week if they wish. Students do not have to ride the same bus that their equipment is loaded onto

Can I stay with a parent at the resort instead of riding the bus home?

Yes, however we require a parent-signed letter of permission given to us BEFORE departure from Ridgely if you would like to stay at the resort and not ride the bus home. We also need to meet the parent in-person before we depart from the resort. If you do not meet these requirements, you will be required to ride the bus home.

Can I leave stuff on the bus while I’m skiing/snowboarding?

Yes, student belongings may be left on the bus during the time they are at the resort. Our buses are locked while at the resort but cannot be accessed once they leave the drop off zone. Please do not leave any items on the bus that you will need while at the resort.

Stop the bus! I arrived just as the buses were departing! Will you pull over so I can hop on?

Once the buses depart from the Ridgely Middle school parking lot, we will not stop to load any member that is late. Doing so puts the student and the bus at risk, therefore we will not make any exceptions. You can follow the buses to the resort and we will then bring the student home, provided you talk directly with a Snow Club board member once you arrive at the resort.

I’m sorry, I’m running late on picking my child up from the bus!

Parents must arrive promptly to pick up their children. For the first offense there is a warning. Subsequent offenses will result in a $25 late fee.

At the Resort

What are those orange tags that people have on their stuff?

All snow club equipment that is taken off the bus MUST be tagged with orange LTRC tags. This allows us to easily find your belongings if you are injured and allows us to quickly spot items that have been left behind. If you need tags, please see one of our board members. These are provided for free!

What if I need to contact my child or an LTRC Snow Club board member during a trip?

Cell phone reception is notoriously bad at the ski resorts. If parents need to contact us while we are at the resort, call the First Aid office. They have radios they can use to contact us.

Should I give my child money for food at the resort?

You can add “Resort Cash” to the Night Club Card for dinners and other expenses. Click here to learn more.

Where should I store my stuff while I’m at the resort?

Once at the resort, students are encouraged to store equipment in lockers ($3, $5, or $10 – “Resort Cash” be used for lockers). Items not locked up can be stolen or lost and this is not the responsibility of LTRC or of the ski resort. Students can also store bags and equipment under the benches in the locker rooms. DO NOT leave your items out in the middle of the floor or on top of the benches.

Where should I store my skis/snowboard?

Students are responsible for their own equipment. Please use the ski /snowboard checks. They are free to use and prevent loss or theft of items.


I saw a Snow Club member smoking/drinking at the resort and/or on the bus!

LTRC Snow Club has a zero tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use. We can and will void your Night Club Card and suspend you from future Snow Club membership for breaking this rule. Ski patrol at the resorts also has the right to take your lift ticket if they catch you misbehaving on the slopes.

Will Snow Club trips ever be cancelled for snow days?

Yes, if school is cancelled by 12:30pm, Snow Club is cancelled that day. Announcements will be made on Facebook and the website.

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