High School FAQ

What time do the buses load?

Buses start loading at 3:15 pm and depart Ridgely Middle School at 3:30 pm sharp. If a student misses the bus, it is acceptable that they ride the bus home, but they must find a ride to the resort. We will NOT stop the bus and allow a student to board once the buses leave the parking lot.

Where do the buses load?

All buses are leaving from the Charmuth parking lot Ridgely Middle School. This is a location central to most high schools in the Lutherville-Timonium area and should give students ample time to get to the buses before departure.

What time does the bus leave the Ridgely Middle School parking lot?

The buses leave promptly at 3:30 pm sharp.

What time do we have to be back on the bus to return home from the resort?

Buses will start loading at 9:15 pm. We depart from the resort promptly at 9:30 pm. Students who arrive late will be asked to help clean the bus. Repeated lateness will result in being barred from the next trip.

What time does the bus return to the Ridgely Middle School parking lot?

We arrive back at Ridgely at 10:45 pm. Parents, PLEASE be on time to pick up your children.

If I lose something during the trip, who can I contact?

First, ask Becky Stadler to see if she picked it up on the bus. If not, call Ski Liberty at (717) 642-8282 or Ski Roundtop at (717) 432-9631.

If a trip is cancelled, when is the make-up day?

Make-up days are scheduled for the Sunday following the cancelled date. You can check out the calendar to see the specific days each trip is schedule for a make-up day.