Registration FAQ

Why do I need to provide Emergency Information?

This information is used to contact a parent/guardian if there is an injury or emergency situation. We ask that you keep your cell phones on during Snow Club hours.

Note: If there is a serious injury, one of our LTRC Snow Club Board Members will accompany the injured student to the hospital. However, we do expect parents to arrive at the hospital for their child as soon as possible that night.

What Health Concerns should I list?

Enter information only if chaperones need to know, for example, allergic reactions.

Why do I need to provide my Contact Information?

We ask that you provide parent/guardian home and cell phone numbers so that we are able to get in touch with you in case of an emergency. We do not give your information to any third party. The emergency contact person should be a person OTHER than the parent/guardian. We will always try to contact the parents first; the emergency contact will only be contacted if neither parent can be reached.

What does it mean to be a Chaperone Volunteer?

For each Middle and High School trip, we require one parent volunteer Chaperone to drive up to the resort behind the buses. The Volunteer Driver is required to carry a radio for the duration of the trip and will be responsible for driving to the hospital and/or providing transportation in case of an injury.

For Middle School ONLY, we also need one Chaperone to accompany the students on the bus ride to and from the ski areas. Once at the resort, this Volunteer Rider is also responsible for helping and directing students in the rental/locker rooms.

Chaperones are chosen by random lottery and will be given one free night-pass with Lift, Lesson, & Rentals to be used whenever they choose.

What is a Night Club Card?

The Night Club Card allows you to ski or snowboard at Ski Liberty, Ski Roundtop, and Ski Whitetail for no additional cost from 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm Monday through Saturday and 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm on Sundays. The card is valid from January 2nd 2015 through the end of the season or April 1st 2015, whichever comes first. You must have your card for every visit and there is a $25 fee to replace a lost card. Three pricing options available: lift only, lift & lesson, and lift, lesson, & rental.

Should I add an Advantage Card?

This option is for avid skiers and snowboarders who wish to enjoy the mountains during non-evening hours. For $20 (normally $119 for non-Night Club Card holders), the Advantage Card offers the user a 40% discount at all three resorts. This card can be used as soon as the snow starts flying! If you use the Advantage Card even once, it has paid for itself. For example, a Saturday 8 hour pass may cost $70, but with the advantage card the ticket will only cost $42.

What is the Protection Policy?

For only $8, the protection policy option will allow you a prorated reimbursement for a Night Club Card under certain circumstances. Coverage becomes effective if your employer necessitated a move of 125 miles or more, or injury and/or sickness that prevents your child’s participation in the sport. Documentation will be required and this option must be purchased at the time of initial Night Club Card purchase.

Can I get a refund for my Snow Club purchase?

If you did NOT purchase the insurance, we can give you a refund before January 1st ONLY. After that date, we are no longer able to refund purchases without insurance.

If you DID purchase the insurance option with your Night Club Card, we are able to give you a prorated refund for your ENTIRE Snow Club purchase; previously we could only refund the card itself but this has changed as of the 2015 season. The amount we are able to refund is a percentage based off of these dates: Prior to January 1st, January 2nd – 13th, January 14th – 25th, January 26th – February 5th, February 6th – 17th, February 18th – March 1st.

What do all these options mean?? Lift, Lift & Lesson or Lift, Lesson & Rental options

If you have your own ski or snowboard equipment, you will probably want to choose either Lift only or Lift & Lesson option. For those of you who will need to rent equipment at the resort, your will need to chose the Lift, Lesson & Rental option. Rental equipment automatically comes with lessons. Rental equipment is obtained at the resort each trip. You can chose either skis or snowboard and even try them both!

How do I know my Helmet Size?

Use a measuring tape to determine the child’s helmet size. Click here for information on how to correctly size and fit a helmet for proper use:

Small: 20-23 inches

Medium: 21-23 inches

Large: 22-24 inches.

What is my Skier Type?

Your skier type, height, weight, age, and boot sole length are used by the shop technician to determine the release/retention setting for your binding. Consult these description to select your classification:

Type I: Beginner Skier/Snowboarder - Cautious skiing on smooth slopes of gentle to moderate pitch.

Skiers who designate themselves as Type I receive lower than average release/retention settings. This corresponds to an increased risk of inadvertent binding release in order to gain reliability in a fall. This type also applies to entry-level skiers uncertain of their classification.

Type II: Average Skier/Snowboarder - Skiers not classified as Type I or III.

Skiers who designate themselves as Type II receive average release/retention settings appropriate for most recreational skiing.

Type III: Expert Skier/Snowboarder - Fast skiing on slopes of moderate to steep pitch.

Skiers who designate themselves as Type III receive higher than average release/retention settings. This corresponds to decreased release-ability in a fall in order to gain a decreased risk of inadvertent binding release. This classification is not recommended for skiers under 48lbs.

Is there a waitlist? How does the waitlist work?

Because skiing and snowboarding are such popular sports, we some times hit our max capacity for one club or even both. In these cases, we will open a wait list. If we have enough interest, we will open an additional bus to meet the needs of our students. However, if we do not reach a certain number, so will not open another bus. If we do not open another bus, then a student on the wait list will be allowed to register if a previously-registered student drops out. In this scenario, spaces are available on a first-come first-serve basis where we will work down the list until the space is filled. You must fill out the wait list form in order to be added to the wait list (this is found on the registration page).