What to Bring

Here are some things that you may want to take to the next LTRC Snow Club trip:


_____Ski/Snowboard Jacket

_____Ski/Snowboard Pants

_____Ski/Snowboard Sweater


_____Neck Gator/Scarf

_____Ski/Snowboard Gloves/Mittens

_____Ski/Snowboard Socks

_____Fleece Jacket/Top

_____Underarmour/Thermal Underwear


_____Tuned Skis/Snowboard

_____Ski/Snowboard Boots

_____Properly Adjusted Bindings

_____Ski Poles

_____Ski/Snowboard Helmet


_____Ski & Boot Bag


_____Hand/Toe Warmers

_____Glove Liners

_____Back Pack

_____Hydration System

_____Night Club Card




_____Gummy Stone

_____Rub on Wax

_____Snowboard Tool


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