Photo Upload Instructions

Uploading your photo directly to Liberty Mountain Resort's website

  1. Go to
  2. Returning LTRC Snow Club participants: All guests who have purchased a Season Pass, a Night Club, or Advantage Card from Ski Liberty in the past should already be in the system. Type in your first and last name and then click the "Look Me Up" button. If there are multiple matches, click on the best match.
  3. First time LTRC Snow Club participants: Select Create New Guest, enter your information, and then follow steps to upload your photo.
  4. How to upload your photo:
    • Make sure you can locate your photo on your computer.
    • Click the Upload Photo button.
    • Browse to your photo and then select Upload.
  1. Once your photo has uploaded, select Use This Photo.
  2. A window will appear to the right of your photo–this is a preview of how your final picture will look.
  3. Use your mouse to click and drag the crosshair to crop your picture to meet the guidelines above. (Crosshair will appear on photo on left side)
  4. When you are happy with the preview picture, click the ‘That’s Good Let’s Go!’ button to save your picture to your account. Once you have clicked, your old picture is gone for good, so be sure you are happy with it! If you aren’t happy with the picture you have selected you can ‘Cancel’ and browse your computer for another picture.

All new and returning Pass and Card holders need to have a current easy to view photo on your ID card.

Returning members may choose to use the photo currently on your account, as long as it meets the guidelines below.

You will need a new picture for your pass if…

  • You are 18 years of age or over as of December 1st of the current year and your photo on file is more than 4 years old
  • You are 17 years of age & under as of December 1st of the current year and your photo on file is more than 2 years old

What is a good photo?

  • The person should be full face, front view, with eyes open.
  • The person should not be wearing a hat, sunglasses, or any other accessories that block the face, eyes or head from view.
  • The full frame photo should represent the person’s head from top of hair to bottom of chin, without a lot of space around. (You will be able to crop photo after it has been uploaded.)
  • The person should be against a relatively plain background.
  • Be sure there is adequate lighting and there are no shadows across the face.
  • The person’s entire face should be in focus.

If the photo does not meet these guidelines, you’ll need to have your photo taken at the resort. Ski Liberty will not print your Night Club Card with an unacceptable photo.